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  2. There still have people who doesn't know how to play with Asin, this guide is usefull for newcomers...
  3. I didn't know people slide their fingers to ALT, I just use my thumb and my Z-Finger slides to the ASDFG usually.. Anyways we do plan to add a possible way to re-bind the Dodge key to increase player accessibility.
  4. You do know that everyone's already doing this, right? This build is Asin's meta and people have been building this character this way since he came by. The same thing goes for hybrid Dio with Onrush skill, the only skill that matters. That being said, I really wish they'd nerf PP to something more reasonable...
  5. I didn't find any way to bind the dodging ability to a key other than Alt so I don't think that it is currently possible to do so. I think most players got used to it with time, but I feel that since dodging requires reflexes the most, it would be nice if players could bind it to a key that they really feel comfortable with. Having to move my finger from Z key to Alt is less convenient than letting my finger on a key and just having to press it quickly whenever I need it.
  6. Intro, jump lower if you directly want to read the build Experienced players tend to consider Disciple as a better choice, simply because it allows Asin to acquire the extremely efficient Pressure Point (later refered as PP). To make it simple, level 1 PP double the damage received by a target for a 10 second duration, making it one of the most OP skill in the game especially if you play with a 4 people party and with a strong pet. However, most players actually chose Mugen path. In addition to the hype of using a secret job, Mugen is granted much more efficient combos, providing great damages, high mobility and good MP gain. The Mugen can also unlock new special actives, including King's Wrath which has a much wider AoE than Bamboo swallow as well as better damages overall (though Bamboo swallows isn't too bad, the AoE differcenc being actually more significant than the damage difference). Last but not least, Mugen can also use Water Puddle to reduce defense of his target, but Water Puddle is vastly inferior to PP as the debuff last only 6 seconds and the debuff goes out whenever the ennemies stop touching the ground where is the Puddle. In reality, Puddle is completely uneffective against mobile ennemies or flying ennemies, and your mates can't use a skill that push or lift ennemies if they want to benefit of the debuff, which they are unlikely to be aware of. Now here is the deal: One the one hand you have the Disciple, poor combos, few good skills (keep in mind that Hanuman is very hard to land on several targets at once and Fire Drop seems to be bugged on Madness so it is almost useless as far as I have seen), but some strong buffs (including PP and some Crit booster) making Asin capable of dealing huge burst when using Hyper Active and pets and being a God Tier support. However most of the time the gameplay feels not very satisfying and you will have harder time cleaning a room alone when Liquid Jade is on CD. One the other hand, you have the Mugen, highly satisfying due to amazing combos and great AoE skills (King's Wrath and Shooting Star as the best 2 MP bar skill by far). Overall a very good character but lacks the power of PP to become truly OP. Actual build Here is the idea, we are going to make a hybrid build in order to add Pressure Point to the Mugen. This build is actually very common when you look for a build on internet but very few Asin players know how to do it properly and it's actually not common at all. When I was playing on NA, I actually only met 2 or 3 Asin players using this build while Asin was a quite common character. This way we will keep the most importants parts of the Mugen skill tree but be able to have at least the x2 damage debuff. Firstly, you have to put every point in the Disciple skill tree until you unlock the second scret door (level 40), then you take Pressure Point level 1, which is more than enough as you won't decrease the defense any lower at further levels. When you have it, put every points until level 80 in the Mugen skill tree, don't take MP recovery lvl2, if you do so you won't be able to get King's Wrath which is much better than a mere MP boost. Not taking MP recovery lvl 2 is actually were most people fail when trying to build a hybrid. This may be because Cypherix said in his build that you can use 168 SP while you actually only have 160. Used Skills PP, obviously since the whole purpose of going hybrid is getting this skill Infinite Hands. In the dark era when players couldn't use Alt key to avoid everything, they discovered that using a long animation 1 MP bar skill was a great way to get out of trouble. If a boss uses a long and impossible OHKO technique, you can re-cast IH before the animation ends to be invincible even longer. You can also use it to be invincible while charging your MP bar and cast a stronger skill on CD if you have your 4 MP bar King's Wrath. This skill cleans a room and deal great damages. Great for every situation. Ultimate Skill (I like Easter Rain Liquid Jade the most, but I never use the other so I can't really tell). Combine this with PP and hit like a truck. Bamboo Swallows or Shooting Stars. This is up to the situation and up to your personal preference. Shooting Stars is somewhat a weaker version of Bamboo Swallows but it costs 2 MP and you can cast it when charging your MP bar (that you can't do with Bamboo Swallows since you already have King's Wrath as a 3MP bar). Bamboo Swallows is an alternative when King's Wrath is on CD and you have no time to charge it, while Shooting Stars is great when you have an opportunity to hit a lot of ennemies or have to get out of trouble but don't have 3 MP bar available. I personnally used Fire Drop while in NAGC but on Madness it seems bugged. Pro/Cons Most players will actually try to find Pros and Cons to each of the three builds (Full Disciple, Full Mugen and Hybrid) and explain which one is better in which situation, as if those three builds were actually balanced. The truth is that they GC has never been a perfectly balanced game, and Hybrid is simply vastly superior to the two other builds. Compared to full Mugen: This is gonna be the easy part, since our Hybrid is very close to a full Mugen. By chosing Hybrid, we lose over Hybrid; MP reco lvl 2 (which is not so visible, especially if you have a good pet), Dash in nimble stance (which is a great mobility tool, satisfying yo use. It might be useful for PvP and for Jumping rooms, but otherwise Asin has far enough mobility for PvE), Element Circulation (Heal, I honestly don't know how effective this is, but just take a potion and play safe, you can have life steal in your combos anyway), Water Puddle (we have PP instead, much better), and Cloud Walk (useful in PvP mostly. If you play well in PvE you don't need another mobility tool anyway) We however gain: Dash Additional hits (Nice alternative to Snake Stance, as Snake Stance will allows to go to the other side of an ennemy which is detrimental if you are already facing his back. It can also initiate a juggling combo), Some useless buffs, and Pressure Point (x2 damages on targets for the whole team. Simply) I don't really see how the skills we miss can be as great as the ability to double the power on a target. Full Mugen however has an upperhand in PvP as PP is much less usefull in PvP. Compared to full Disciple: Disciple will provide a lot of passives to boost Asin's skills, but Asin won't have much good skills to boost anyway, neither he will have enough space in his skill slot to use them quite often, aswell as a lot of useless stuff in his main tree (that are no match at all compared to Mugen's moves) HOWEVER, Disciple has the Increased Enhancement Effect that will give you +50% Crit chance whenever you activate two enhancement skills, which is insane when we know that Crit damage can be highly boosted since S5. Here is the thing, Disciple has in theory insane buffs and could potentially deal quite more damage on a single target with a strong Pet and his Ultimate skill than Hybdrid. However, his lack of good combos and of great AoE skills make him quite more vulnerable and less effective for clearing a dungeon in general. IMO, since Hybrid is already OP for taking down a boss, having the AoE and the Speed to rush a dungeon makes him quite better in a lot of situations. Plus, he doesn't need as much Actives in his skill slot to be powerfull, giving him a wider array of Special Actives. The Disciples requires Pressure Points as well as two enhancements in his set to reach his full potential, leaving him only 2 skill slot for the Special Actives. But since he also needs an Ultimate skill to benefit the most from his buff, he actually can carry with him only one Special Active. In addition to the fact that having only one Special Acive is not too much fun to play, you have to sacrifice either a Strong Special (namely Bamboo Swallows), leaving you buffed for almost nothing, or a utility skill (namely Infinite Hand), leaving you quite vulnerable as you need to rely only on your combos and Alt key to avoid every situation. I think that chosing Bamboo Swallow is the most viable option, but requires the player to be much better at timing and thinking where and when to go, as well as making it much harder to spam skills. It is the End for this build, if you have any suggestion or if I made any error, feel free to share, I'd gladly see feedbacks
  7. Yeah, that is normal, that is why you need to change servers or login again, when you do this you can equip your pets normaly
  8. Oh! That's a very nice tip, when I tried to share duelly it stated that the seal has been broken so I thought I had to acquire a pet for each of my characters
  9. Congrats! Thank you all for participating in this event. Judging was hard (for a variety of reasons) but we have our winners! Once we have these in game, they will be obtainable through a Selectable Chest. Now for the winners! (In no particular order) Created by Kendo24 Created by LeomRawr Created by LiuYoshida Created by Sariel Created by ShiroMegami Winners will have one sent to their account and the account of their friend through the IGN's provided in their posts. *We at GCM withhold the right to edit these entries as needed to fit in to the game. Congrats to the winners, and on behalf of the entire GCM Staff, I want to thank you all again for being part of this amazing community! That past year has been amazing to watch as this community has grown and developed in to what it has! We here at GCM have big plans in the coming Months and we are so happy to have you all here for the ride! Thank you all very much! AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! -FenOL, Mari, Enid and the rest of the GCM Staff
  10. Noted! Thanks!
  11. Inventory.
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  13. Oh btw, I will receive it by the mail system or it will be in my inventory directly? Just want to make I don't delete it by accident. Thx!
  14. Yep, we'll make content eventually once our custom client is released. Also GC for Kakao is more filler if anything. Madness will be independent and follow its own version of the lore with possible inspiration from Kakao but that's about it. We'll release many things in the future definitely, but for now we're taking things slowly.
  15. You're still able to share pets, just move it via warehouse and relog or change servers and it will work.
  16. Hi, I am pretty new to this server and I was wondering which decent pet were possible to get excluding coordi pets atm. By decent pet, I mean a power equal or superior to Monny Darko or Duelly I was also wondering why the materials to craft the champion dungeon pets (Monny, Rutherford, Kungji, Darek and Bitty Perry) were the same as in Season 5. I mean, those pets were released when pets could still be shared by all the characters of the same account, so the huge amount of grinding required to get them was justified as well as their extremely low drop rate. When the characters got splitted in S5 it became obvious that no one would grind for them anymore. It's kind of sad to see that no one is using them at all on this server as they were really nice pets.
  17. WOW nice. so you guys are planning to make new contents independently!? BTW there is a grandchase for kakao as a mobile game with continuation of the story, any chance you guys gonna realize more dungeons :V?
  18. I'm getting rekt day in day out, can't even beat first encounter of kaze'aze, she leaves all those toxic clouds and i have no where to go and can't get close to her either
  20. Last week
  21. .I Have Been Trying To Find discord Link... can Anyone link it to me? Sorry...
  22. Finally people are getting used to post character tutorials on the forum I will contribute with Sieghart latter, keep going with the good work
  23. Grinding to lvl 85 later with lass ;)

  24. Hello, I would like to ask if there can be an increased drop rate of precious pearls in dimension doors? I've noticed that they only dropped during fighting the boss. I tend to farm for creating the pet scrolls and some of them may take a very long time to complete. Thank you.
  25. Yeah, I disabled 'em and planned to enable them this weekend and fix the quantity.
  26. So I have received these through the stamp event... Yep, 100 of them. The OK button in the inventory doesn't work (very fortunately, else I would have lots of big heads ) either. That's not how it's supposed to be, isn't it?
  27. Yeah, I guess that'll be nice too. I still don't get why his attacks move him up more in the air... I guess that boss was meant for his own dungeon only.
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