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  1. I didn't know people slide their fingers to ALT, I just use my thumb and my Z-Finger slides to the ASDFG usually.. Anyways we do plan to add a possible way to re-bind the Dodge key to increase player accessibility.
  2. Inventory.
  3. Yep, we'll make content eventually once our custom client is released. Also GC for Kakao is more filler if anything. Madness will be independent and follow its own version of the lore with possible inspiration from Kakao but that's about it. We'll release many things in the future definitely, but for now we're taking things slowly.
  4. Yeah, I disabled 'em and planned to enable them this weekend and fix the quantity.
  5. I'll send a weapon box to you soon to select a coordi as compensation.
  6. I bet all you did was sell or move the items to another character. That's normal because then you can re-unseal but yeah, because you did that it's already written to the DB that you unsealed prior so it knows not to give you another weapon and possibly pet.
  7. It's a bug that was available in the retail servers, normally if you keep trying you will eventually get in. We're looking into it right now.
  8. Well err.. just show me a screen shot of you deleting it and I'll send you the Coordi Weap Box.
  9. Were you positive that you selected 3rd Job? When you unseal it reverts back to the 1st Job Weapon so you have to re-select. Or did you in actuality get the 3rd job weapon and it's just acting like a 1st job weapon? I would need screenshot of these weapons and stuff first.
  10. Best I can do.
  11. Sadly I'm not informed much about the pivots, nothing I care enough to learn about, so sorry about that lol. As for P3Ms, any way you import loses the skeleton so you have to re-do 'em which is the annoying part. Your best bet would be to study the P3M Structure and find out a way to import bones but these bones might only work with 3DSMax 6 ~ 9 which is where I'm sure KoG exported from else somehow find out how to import with .BON (which they also used). Also it's 1 file for every individual animation. 1 for walk, 1 for run, 1 for jump, 1 for that part 1 of a skill.. so on, so forth. There's about 100 to 200 FRMs per each character and that includes all their actions. As for risks/safety concerns--yeah, I'm a rebel.
  12. Okay that face/weapon is normal. It's been like that since the face renewals, it's because the faces are a stand-alone mask so don't worry about that lmaooo. As for the earrings, I know that some characters struggle to activate that buff, though it might be because of some hidden buff they got on that you aren't aware of that conflicts with this buff. I'll look into the buffs and see if I can fix anything but I can't promise it as this file hasn't been touched since the server released and most other characters are fine.
  13. But how did you get that? Did monsters drop it or was it from the loot at the end?