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(EN/US) Hot Fix - February 15th, 2018

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Manual Patch: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3

This hot fix will address a few problems and add a couple of new content into the game!


─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────


GENERAL.png.46409bb62c5abc408683d706588dcd03.png Changes

  • SCWBox.png.bd16f15b493930d2c49c11a814cf78bb.png  Selectable Coordi Wings Box has been rotated to include 3 new wings.
    o Current Rotation:

    PAWingsBox.png.588ebd148be4b232e6629e15b1283ed6.png  Pink Angel Wings | PAWings.png.43acef0153fe6c5d5ec7df705b11510b.png
    AAWingsBox.png.737475788753632a71a23720d4e7b396.png  Archangel Wings | AAWings.png.224a0ecdc2cdaf981892f7df75d40571.png
    CYWingsBox.png.333ff606c60c8105803fb4649a543dd1.png  Cyber WingCYWings.png.495816cef1c4b4a4499fcf06865ada4e.png (Wing Color is different depending on your character)

    o The previous rotation's wings will remain for +1 month in the Selectable Coordi Wings Box.
    o The 2 month(s) ago rotation has been removed from the Selectable Coordi Wings Box.
    o Furthermore, the wings box is also available in the Hero Shop for 100 Hero Bullions!
  • MagicalM_F.png.da8d3309945f8d8cfa83c210793dc36f.pngTuxedoM_M.png.bbcf1ec0df0ce81ff50223fc3f827f30.png  Magical Girl/Tuxedo Mask Coordi Package for Elesis to Uno has been added to the K-Ching Shop for 1000 VP!
    o Preview:

    5a84bd5acfa57_MagicalTuxedo_Set_MF.jpg.01b6d24e88dd044baf919033fc40c7c1.jpg (No Accessories Version)

    o This set is RELIC and with RELIC properties.
    o As part of our valentine's event--the Heart Necklace is also on sale for 150 VP instead of 350 VP!

    o Will be removed during Early/Mid-March of 2018.
  • MF_F_Package.png.7c1099526bb8421bec06bf39498225ba.pngMF_M_Package.png.10c62f90b1e4a6a8350dea1b43a8197e.png  Misfortune Coordi Package for Elesis to Uno has been added to the K-Ching Shop for 550 VP!
    o Preview:


    o This set is also available in the Hero Shop for 300 Hero Bullions!
    o Will be removed during Mid/Late-March of 2018.
  • GZ_F_Package.png.1793985512437216b4a8b800ba5ff671.pngGZ_M_Package.png.716911ee91d5f71c0ad2b82ca6d43098.png  Godzilla Coordi Package for Elesis to Uno has been added to the K-Ching Shop for 450 VP!
    o Preview:


    o This set is also available in the Hero Shop for 300 Hero Bullions!
    o All males after Sieghart have no neck while wearing the top. We'll fix this soon. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    o Will be removed during Mid/Late-March of 2018.
  • LBMission.png.78867add1221801a85e8e06ecf7a563e.pngDGMission.png.53e55d8e012597f5c33e634bc74de1e3.png The The Lonesome Fox's Search and The Lonely Wolf's Search missions have been updated.
    o Objective Change(s): 15 => 30 Dark Chocolate/Bouquet of Roses
  • ROCCOT.png.6d71160d087fb45fbaba369be3f635fd.pngRocco's Tornado has been updated.
    o The cost of Rocco's Tornado Coin is now 30 VP instead of 5 VP per piece.
    o You can no longer obtain any more Gold Coin(s) from the Mini Game. This reward has been swapped with x30 Gate Ores.

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

BUGFIXES.png.c1c2816878335ed2a1f6d99c34eacce3.png General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Research Orb was still dropping from a few dungeons. All orbs have been deleted from inventories.
  • Fixed a bug where Ultimate Weapon Essence was still dropping from a few dungeons and PvP modes. All essences have been deleted from inventories.
  • Fixed a funky bug where when players equipped the Vanessa Big Head the character had no face. Illuminati? ♨_♨
  • Fixed a bug where the Jumping to Max Level Challenge was giving the old rewards and not the updated ones.
  • Fixed a graphical bug where the Selectable Revolt Pet Box had an icon of a Zero chest.
  • Due to the Star Candy x500 package not working it has been removed. If you ended up buying lots of these and never got your stars, please contact me VIA. PM and we'll check your account for proof.
  • Fixed some terrible grammar on specific dialogs in Kounat's Collapse and Seth's Pyramid.
  • Several Minor Bug Fixes.

BUGFIXES.png.c1c2816878335ed2a1f6d99c34eacce3.png Character Balance Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a couple more particles for characters.
  • Solved a bug where OS/SS Teleport for Zero did not work.
  • Several Minor Bug Fixes.

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

BALANCE.png.c5e51e2b71d899b0cea46da66e8dcdd5.png Character Changes

  • Ronan (Aegis Knight) - Erudon Mode (Passive)(Dungeon/PvP) - you may now do the command [C + ] in the middle of the default Z combo to activate Offensive Erudon Mode (10% Attack Buff). You may use the Defensive Erudon Mode (Barrier) by doing the command [C + ] while outside your default Z combo. Make sure to use this near the start/on the exact middle of the combo to prevent it from bugging it out on the end. You will also sometimes not see your sword being taken out, that'll fix be fixed later on but won't affect this mode whatsoever. Sometimes the particles might bug up and you might have the blue sword out w/ the blue shield, this is just another issue with the particles.
  • Ronan (Abyss Knight) - Rebalance (General)(Dungeon) - abyss knight's re-balance is once more live!

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

VAULT.png.31ad32846be9df617c4b2b02cf563025.png Vaulted Events

  • Reign of Malice (Event and Associated Games + Items and Forge)

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

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